Wedding Officiant in an outdoor autumn setting

True fact (as my 10-year-old would say): I never imagined being a minister. But then, in 2009, I had a profoundly unexpected calling experience. That led me to Interfaith, my path to becoming a trained but inclusive clergy-member.

I think of myself as a “minister without walls.” Ordained by The New Seminary in New York City in 2012, ​I serve those—like me—who don’t identify with a particular religion or are not active participants in a faith group.

With a private office in Northampton, MA, I design Interfaith, religious, spiritual and secular ceremonies for people of all ages, races, gender expressions, sexual orientations and political beliefs.

I’ve developed my expertise as a ceremony writer and officiant over more than a decade and hundreds of occasions. My passion is helping mark life’s meaningful milestones with heartfelt ceremonies.

Why Interfaith?

God, Goddess, Heavenly Father, Great Mother, Lord, Spirit, Higher Power, Creator, Source, The Universe, Energy…

There are many names to describe an essence of love and warmth, of caring and protection, of wisdom, compassion and connection.

Some look upward to find this source; others look within. Some find it in nature, or the face of another. Some are part of a community, while others practice in private.

As an officiant, I work to understand your personal beliefs—as well as that of loved ones—so your wedding authentically reflects your viewpoints and values.

I help you and your partner to explore this aspect of your ceremony, reflecting on it as an opportunity to set a course for your own family and future as a married couple.

Interfaith minister wearing rainbow stole holds her hands at her heart

I also plan, write and officiate weddings, vow renewals, baby blessings and alternative baptisms, mother blessings, funerals and memorials, as well as ceremonies to honor miscarriage or the death of a baby.

You can explore my full offerings at Grace Ceremonies, or check out my interviews, articles, awards, wedding videos and blog features here.